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11 March 2015

New Poem

What if you read a book.
A great book.
Like you’ve never read a book before
Like you’ve never read before
Like you never knew how to read.
And you lay down on your stomach
Elbows cousin to wooden floors
Feet confessing to the ceiling your illiteracy
And began to pronounce every word with accuracy as if they were passages memorized from scripture.
As if each syllable illuminated from ancient dictionaries.
What if you completed that book at an unholy hour
At an unfathomable speed
What if
This book
Brought you
To stand
Upon your new found freedom
Upon the footmount of your expression
Upon the peak of eloquence
As if your words were the first whisper of a newborn,
“I know this book
Therefore I no longer need to search
For this book
Is me.”
#justjamaalthepoet #poetry #gems

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